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Aviation - A Century Of Remarkable Change

Presented by Malcolm Simpson

Man has had a passion to fly from the beginning of time, when our earliest ancestors watched in awe as birds so effortlessly soared majestically through the skies.

Flight for us ground-based humans however could only become a reality with the reality of powered flight; and this was not possible until just over 100 years ago.

Passenger aviation, in particular international travel, only really became accessible and subsequently more common, following the introduction of larger passenger jets in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Travel then became even more prevalent when the wide bodied Jumbo Jets arrived in the late 1960s.

Today, travel is extremely common and affordable, with a very high percentage of the population, especially in the Western world undertaking flights on multiple occasions.

Most of these people will have flown on numerous different airlines and aircraft types and visited numerous different countries and cities in the process.

They gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from proudly discussing their experiences with friends and colleagues.

This vocation, which we all take for granted nowadays, was not the case for our parents and grandparents with the development in the aircraft that we utilise so frequently now, having taken place in less than 100 years.

The transition from the first flight in 1903 until the first Supersonic passenger Jet flight in 1969 – just 66 years. A truly remarkable achievement.

Today, flying is inherently safe with some 30,000 commercial passenger flights daily around the world and statistically the most dangerous part of any flight is, without doubt, the drive to the airport.

The largest airline in the world today is American Airlines with some 1600 aircraft.

Qantas, by comparison, has 258, including all subsidiaries such as Jetstar.

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AVIATION – A Century Of Remarkable Change, is a presentation of around 45 minutes which details the development in aviation from those first tentative flights up to the incredible aircraft of today, in just 115 years, which is remarkable.

The presentation by Malcolm Simpson draws on his 50-plus years of hands-on experience in the aviation and tourism industry, and is supported by a powerful PowerPoint presentation providing visual support for what is being said.

This presentation is suitable for all types of events, conferences and seminars in particular, and resonates with all delegates, who can easily relate it to their own personal experiences.

Check out some of the footage featured in the presentation:

World War 2 – The factors that determined the outcome

WW2 Presentation

Presented by Malcolm Simpson


I believe that everyone has an interest in WW2, with most Australians having a relative that saw service in that tumultuous event, with many families having lost a family member. As it so tragically turned out, WW1 was not the war to end all wars.

So many factors helped shape and determine the outcome of WW2, from the presence of the English Channel , which prevented Germany from sweeping through France and then on through Britain when it was least prepared , to the significant political and cultural attitudes and differences, which allowed the allies to make the correct, well considered  and appropriate  decisions to achieve victory.

This is a thoughtful and well researched presentation that allows the audience to contemplate many issues that they have probably not previously considered or been aware of. It is also accompanied by a powerful Power Point presentation.

Motivation - Famous people and their famous sayings

Famous People

Presented by Malcolm Simpson

Whilst identifying some of the great statesmen and women of this world and sayings that have greatly inspired us, this presentation also highlights some of the greatest sports stars of our time and some of the powerful and humorous sayings that have defined them. This often light hearted presentation is particularly suited to a sports event night, or to provide a break from the other more serious speakers at a conference, with a chance to refresh from the facts & stats of other business speakers and help the concentration levels with a laugh or two. This presentation is also accompanied by a very interesting Power Point presentation.


Malcolm Simpson
Malcolm Simpson