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International Group Lawn Bowls Tours

Lawn Bowls originally started in its current recognisable format in England and has over the years spread worldwide mainly but nor exclusively throughout the British Empire.

It is an exceedingly popular game and is played enthusiastically and socially mainly by people in the older age group. At a competitive level, participants are often much younger.

There are in Australia some 2000 registered Clubs with around 250,000 players.

It is truly a game that offers tremendous social opportunities and is enjoyed by both men & women.

If you are a member of a club , then you should strongly consider undertaking an International Tour with your clubmates, where we can arrange a series of visits with welcoming Clubs overseas followed by a Dinner with your guests that evening. Some of the clubs that you visit would welcome the opportunity to reciprocate with a return visit to your club in Australia.

Our contacts overseas have great experience in arranging these tours.

Your choice of destinations are unlimited , but we would recommend one of the following –

United Kingdom ( England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland ), New Zealand, Canada or South Africa. Asia is also popular surprisingly, with the game very keenly played in Hong Kong & Singapore.

It is also played in other Asians countries , even Vietnam , now I bet that you didn’t realise that. So If you love Lawn bowls and really enjoy travelling, then here is your chance to combine both. So “let us make your dreams come true“ and let Global Star Holidays arrange a memorable and enjoyable Tour for you and your club.

Let us make your dreams come true!

Perhaps you might also consider hosting a visiting International group at your Club , as we have a number of clubs from overseas wanting to visit Australia.

Please contact Global Star Holidays Australia 

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  • The best in Lawn Bowls vacations
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